Translation (Localisation & Transcreation)

If you want to address a German-speaking audience,  I am your translation specialist. I offer professional translations from English to German.

These translations can be product descriptions, websites or any other piece of writing (except for official documents). If you are interested in working with me, I am happy to make you an individual offer.

Transcreation And Localisation – What’s the difference?

It’s easy to explain the difference. If you choose a localisation, you want the target copy to be as close as possible to the source copy. Therefore, you only adapt any cultural (or if necessary linguistic) notions to make sure the target audience understands the text.

In contrast, if you choose transcreation, you only take the most important information from the source copy. Afterwards, you create quite freely a new copy in the target language. In this case, you can even rearrange whole paragraphs.

Which method is suited better depends on the project and also on the tone of voice. For instance, especially in British English puns are a common stylistic device, but are often quite hard to translate. Similarly, slang can be troublesome to translate word-by-word.

Before I translate any copy for you, we will discuss which approach is the best for your project.