Testing (bioenergy, kinesiology, tensor)

Do you know that feeling, that uncertainty which of multiple options is the best choice? Be it a meal on a restaurant menu (or food in general), supplements or treats for your dog.

Every day we make countless decisions and depending on our character and lifestyle we’ve forgotten to read and understand the signs of our body, which often quite decidedly show us, which option is the better one for us.

With different methods of testing I can support you in finding answers: Which food is especially nutritious and digestible for me? Are the cosmetics I use ideal for me?

These and many other questions I will answer together with you by making the signs of your body visible.

The following methods are available
  • Bioenergetic Testing: With practice and experience you can understand quite well, how your body signals both consent and rejection.  In a certain state of relaxation and focus you can use those signs also to test for other people (or animals).
  • Tensor Testing (One-hand-rod):  The tensor (or rod) is like a magnifying glass that makes the subtle reactions of the body visible. By correctly using the rod you can immediately tell how your system reacts to something (substances, ideas, emotions, etc.)
  • Kinesiological Muscle Testing: Just like the other methods this one relies on the reactions your body shows, i.e. positive and negative or strength and weakness respectively. The traditional way of using this test is to check the stability (strength) of your arm muscles. You can experience the underlying principle easily yourself: Take both thumbs and index fingers to form two intertwined “rings”. Press your thumbs and index fingers vigorously together and now try to pull one ring out of the other ring. While doing this, think of something positives, a clear “Yes!”, think of something that fills you with joy – and you’ll notice that your fingers are so strong that you can barely “unhook” them. Now do the same thing, but this time you think about something clearly negative, a strong “No!” or about hatred. As you’ll see, your muscles become quite weak so that your finger ring will slip easily through.
Why should i have something tested?

First of all, you have to master the methods, which takes quite some practice and experience. Bioenergetic testing and tensor testing can be done on your own. However, it is quite challenging. To achieve reliable results, it is not only important to make sure the testing environment is suitable, but also to be absolutely neutral and unbiased. Because just with your thoughts (see example above) you can influence your body’s reactions heavily. And seriously – can you be neutral when it comes to testing, whether your favorite food is actually digestible, tolerable and good for you?