Emotion Code

Maybe you’ve already experienced that after a particularly stressful situation you had to cry uncontrollably. Or maybe you were shaking with your whole body. If so, then this was a perfectly normal and healthy reaction of your system. It’s the way it handles stress that has piled up: Let it slowly degrade – or, in case of tears, let it literally flow away.

Schmetterlinge fliegenBut quite often there are situations in which this stress reduction doesn’t take place – think of an emotional conversation with your boss in which you want to appear controlled and don’t want to cry or even scream out of anger or frustration. That’s when your body and soul seek options to store these unprocessed emotions somewhere in your system.

It doesn’t have to be some kind of disastrous event – even quarreling amongst siblings about a toy might lead to stored emotions.

This might result in psychosomatic pain, inexplicable fears or overreactions, which always occur in the same situation.

That’s where the Emotion Code, originally developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, sets in: The stored emotions are liberated – if the client’s soul is ready to let go. The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to explicitly name or identify the burdensome event. It’s sufficient to determine the associated emotion and detach it.

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