About me

In 2013, I thought I had fulfilled my dream. To live and work in New York City. However, I soon developed some serious health issues. After my (scheduled) return to Germany, I began to dedicate myself to the study of natural healing and traditional medicine. Counseling and a holistic approach were key.

At the same time, I realised that communication, language and counseling were areas, I’ve always enjoyed the most. During my time at university, I worked at the student counseling office and Career Service of Heidelberg University. Also, as a corporate communication officer at the Student Services I enjoyed informing and advising students, just as I did while I worked for the German Center for Research and Innovation in New York.

Hence, I made it my goal to support my clients in their professional life as a writer, translator and PR-specialist (see here for more info). Additionally, I accompany people as a counselor on their way to a happier life.